Seven Incredibly Important revelations. . .

. . .to successfully resolving the dilemma of Education.

I’m all atwitter with the new group of readings for week four of a domain of one’s own. Here in Martha’s band we’re finding our digital community. Since to be anything in digitaland we first need to create a name. This is exactly like old-time musicians who wish to move beyond busking at Farmer’s Markets. The first (and some would say most important) decision is to name the band. It’s easier for musicians because they use words–while we only have letters. So if we were going to be a new wave, groove, string band we could be the Knott Family–we are a not family. But I suggest we could be MOP or Martha’s Occasional Participants. MOP members might occasionally post, tweet, or retweet. In this Domain of One’s Own we can create a masque to disquise our community from the animals we go home to at night.
For today I’ll be Not MOP. Not (even) Occasionally Trustworthy.
In digesting the Personal Learning Environments (PLE), whose agenda and success narrative are indeed incredibly parallel to DOOP project, but slightly British (in a nice way) or Canadian, I can now unveil to you the unintended consequence of constantly tinkering with titles, terms, and metaphors while agreeing on the goals of teaching and learning. For connectivity I call it:
Seven Incredibly Important revelations to successfully resolving the dilemma of Education
1. Keep your abbreviation short, nobody wants to commit to a concept with the longevity of Junebug in July. Chuck the scrabble tiles out on the table and then choose three that you like now–you can change the font latter.
2. Check out what other organization has the same handle. You wouldn’t want to have the same acronym as a Conservative Washington Think (oxymoron) Tank.
3. If possible, find someone (long dead and unknown) who can quote as a progenitor. Cartoon characters aren’t good because all the cartoons are still available. French Philosophers, Hungarian Linguists, Russian Structuralists, or Thomas Dewey (as a last resort) no one knows what these folks were talking about anyway.
4. Hyperboly is the best policy. Remember evolution is dead, only revolution will do. Without excess how will breathless tweeters know you are serious.
5. Schedule your convention in Las Vegas. Start at the tenth annual.
6. Refer to products whose handles (acronyms) are only slightly less recent than your great idea. One goal is to write complete sentences without using any words. As the Cheap Suit Serenaders sang “Tell a fine artiste something he don’t know and he’ll be the chump that floats you the dough.”
7. Explain seven ways that DEF is better than ABC.

Witlessly I have begun the week, but posted. (I thought Branded, but that was Steve McQueen and he’s dead). Of course twenty years ago we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, and Bob Hope. Now we’ve got no jobs, no cash, and no hope.

Look forward to your thoughtful posts with recipes for success in our digital community. Light on the garlic. I’m looking for someone else to swing into action so I won’t be MOP’s poster boy.

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