Digital dumpster Diving


I am out of character today, extolling the strategy of investigation that Martin Weller proposes in his chapter “A Pedagogy of Abundance.” I’ll probably read the whole book. Having been rather beastly to other authors so far in our readings, perhaps this oozing, gushing, eruption of positivism stems from the manner of presentation (the medium is the message, right!) one of dispassionate comparison without leveraging longevity into “ergo I must be right.” If Domain of One’s Own has taught me anything (and I’m learning heaps) it is that longevity in experience does not equal expertise or ownership. The abundance-scarcity model has broad explanatory power both in understanding pedagogy and predicting marketplace movement. Another benefit of his appraisal of various methodologies of engagement is that the conclusions are not hierarchical but reflect different matrix of decision-making for the people who will do the work. Content is truly abundant. I found the Digital Audio Guide-Resources and pursued the Free Musical Archive, mashed genres and I was hooked, finding a much loved source “Mac” contributing material from his radio program “Antique Music Hour”. Now I’m wondering what about the vernacular music preceding the virtual music age–say 1900. How could I bring the processes of printed notation into the discussion. It’s back to ABC notation. But wait, maybe someone would like to suggest a better way.

mound_city with eddie lang

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